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JB4 2/7 Firmware Meth Dyno Testing!

Some more meth dyno testing results for you. The JB4 + WW meth is a pretty strong runner! Also very interesting info on duty cycles and targets that were discussing in the other thread. This 5th gear dyno run looks sexy as hell.

Test car and relevant mods: 2008 135i step, CPE downpipes, CL midpipes, BMS DCI, eBay version "big tom" intercooler, 93 octane, mid 70s in the dyno room.

1) For the testing I was running a 80/20 meth mixture with a CM10 nozzle.

2) The richer low end AFR targets are working well on and off meth. We're targeting around 13:1 now down low vs. 14.7:1 down low stock. This is with a 60% enrichment factor. There is plenty of room to go richer but this is the sweet spot for this firmware/mapping.

3) I used a 65 additive in 4th gear runs which resulted in the back to back 440+whp runs but with a ~2psi under target at redline. I could actually write a paragraph on duty cycles, targets, etc, but long story short just keep in mind on a dynojet doing ~5 second 4th gear runs you will have more of an under target tendency than on the road or a load dyno. Also note on the road I would not run a 65 additive unless you have race gas in the mix.

4) I've been running a 50 additive around town and boost is always right on target so as a test I did a 5th gear pull which instead of ~5 seconds took around ~10 seconds. A little closer to reality. The result was the highest output and boost back on target. Also glad to see the SLD is working well as the car would otherwise be capped at 130mph.

5) As you can see from the 5th gear runs it does not take a ton of boost to make a lot of power. All you need is 18psi tapering to 15psi at redline to pretty much max things out.


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