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Misfire Codes: 10713, 10705, 11170

Ok, based on the codes sheet I have 10713 is misfire due to low fuel. It has more than an 1/8th and I have taken it way lower than that without issues. 10705 is cylinder 5. No clue what 11170 is. It came up suddenly. It was like a light switch. Feels like I am running on only 5 cylinders. I am afraid to drive it. It is time for plugs for sure (41k miles) but normally on cars when plugs are bad it will be intermittent. This is continuous. Any ideas? I read the misfire thread and it seems like it can be damn near anything, but I would like to hear some opinions. I will see if I can get plugs locally (even though I highly doubt it is a plug issues) and I will sway a coil pack with another to see if the code changes (I will probably try this first since I am pretty sure I need to order plugs and socket). I would like to hear what majority of issues that are out there. I will also continue to search.

Thanks in advance. This really sucks. I hope it is simple.
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