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Originally Posted by PAMidge View Post
Well as it is an apple product and carries its 1 year full warranty, if your battery depletes to less then 80% of a 100% charge your battery is replaced free of charge.

The new battery carries a 1 year warranty as well.

A regular iPod battery is $25 on the internet, and a trained monkey can open up an iPhone as replace the battery... I've already seen it done.

I will make one last suggestion for those haters and lovers... this thread is for the iPhone compatibility. That was my intention, no need to hijack it and turn it into a pissing contest between all you people that are secretly jealous that you don't have one, and all of you that hate them because you too are secretly jealous that it's an awesome phone.

If you don't have something to say about how it works with your BMW or questions regarding its compatibility, go do a pissing contest in an off-bmw topic thread.

Some people have some legitimate questions that are mushed between the bullshit here, so let's be kind to those that have real compatibility questions.

some peopl.e have some legitimate questions and some people need to chill or take some anger management classes.