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Drives: 2006 325i
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Problems with brand new 325i

Model: 325i
Country: USA
Automatic transmission (yes/no): yes
I-Drive (yes/no): no
Active Steering (yes/no): no
Comfort Access (yes/no): no

Problem description:

1) Annoying rattling sounds from the driver side seat belt assembly area. I have alredy taken the car to the dealership to be fixed but the sound keeps coming back.
2) Rattling/whistling and wind sounds from the center of the dash at 65mph or higher.
3) Serious heat buildup under the gear selector area. After driving for more than 45 minutes, the heat buildup is bad enough where you cannot touch it. If there is any plastic or metal in the ashtray, the plastic will melt or the metal will get too hot to touch

Taking the car to the dealer again for the fixes. If satisfactory repairs are not made, I have a good mind to refund the car or ask for a new one.