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There is some confusion here that I think needs to be cleared up. I know Top Gear Solutions does not sell these lights they are simply in here to help people as he just said. Also I think people are confusing HPB for being a manufacturer of these lights. They did not manufacturer these lights which means the manufacturer is at fault for not mentioning to HPB any obstacle a customer would run into. These same lights are sold elsewhere and honestly I would fear anyone that has purchased from a different vendor as I know their customer service can't compete with HPB's.
It seems like a simple fix of just cutting a slot and adding a grommet. Honestly, I've ran into much larger obstacles in my modding career so this is really nothing to cry about. Especially since HPB appears to be willing to remedy the situation and not run away like most vendors would. I think most people should be thankful of stellar customer service, understanding, and overall fairness. They do fit, they just needed a custom tweak. I ordered an exhaust for my other car about a year ago and the fitment was so poor I had to have a shop cut and weld a section to get it fit. The place i bought it from said "yea that happens sometimes". No refund, no exchange, nothing. So trust me this hiccup is nothing. After that I also learned to research products more thoroughly before purchasing. Anyone that is going to buy something fresh to the market should understand in this industry there may be a obstacle to overcome even with extensive testing prior. Just like when new cars roll out the factory and they think they have everything nailed.... like our HPFP? lol

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