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Possibly fake GPThunder products sold by ipremiertek

I got another pair of GP Thunder 8500k off eBay last week. I got them in yesterday, but I think these are imitations.

Now that I look at the eBay listing more closely, their packaging resembles the original (v1) packaging of the GP Thunder, but upon closer examination the distribution is not the same as the ones I've seen in the past.

I have a real pair of 8500k and the blue tips are less pointy on the genuine pair. Also the plastic base and metal collar is different. When installed side by side, the fake is noticeably less white. Although, the 8500k I had is v2. These seem to be close to what a GPThunder 7500k would produce.

Seller ID is ipremiertek which is a copy of the original maker;
Although I did wonder if its just a old v1 version, but those do not have the plasma ion coating.
Also if ipremiertek was the original supplier, why don't they sell the V2 version like E92-lighting or justpal (ebay/amazon) is the original site; ipremiertek owns the site which are NOT the same products.

I have purchased genuine ones from justpal and premierteknet112222 (which is no longer on eBay - was the official supplier from what I can tell)

Here are some pics of the fake vs the one (v2) I got from premierteknet112222:


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