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Originally Posted by mryakanisachoad View Post
If I were in the market for an e92, I'd buy yours in a heartbeat and purchase a BMW warranty.

The car is pretty much brand new and looks very exotic.

Good luck: You'll find the right buyer. Don't get discouraged...

Tell the low ballers to scratch. Doesn't sound like you need to sell. If I had to guess you've fell in love with some new car lol.
I had an Imola Red/Imola Red E46 M3 awhile ago and remember that being a bit of an issue to sell as well because of the color combo. You're right, it's the "right" buyer who is looking for the combination.

I don't need to sell NOW. I'm getting into a new home and want the cash to put down on it. I have it's replacement already and not enjoying it at all. I'm already looking for an '07 or '08 E90 335i between 30 and 40K miles.

Gotta sell my car first...then sell the replacement! HAHA!