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Park Position Indicator Light Won't Go Out!!

Okay, so I'm driving home this evening and as I'm merging onto the highway, I punch it while changing lanes. I don't floor it into kick down mode or anything, just step into it about 75%. When I do, it feels like the transmission does a double shift or something where it jumps down a gear then jumps down another one. I was doing about 35 mph when it happened. For a minute I thought it was the x-drive adjusting the power ratios, since it was raining and I thought I might have lost traction. So, the trans slams into the right gear and off I go. I tried to reproduce this later down the road but everything was working fine.

No problems until I get home. I shut her down and notice that the light indicating that the trans is in park position stays on. I started the engine again and cycled through the gears but the thing won't go off. Its been like 20 minutes and the dang thing is still on - no other lights, just that stupid little orange light blaring away in the darkness. I can even see it from my window!

So, is this some kind of warning thing that indicates a fault code or something? Do I need to reset the trans?

Any explanation or remedy would greatly appreciated. Thanks fellas.