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^ An effective summary. By that post, TC Kline wins on price point by a long shot. **********s has KW V3s at $2695 and TC Klines are $1795. It seems like TC Kline coilovers are the best priced best functioning high quality coilover suspension for xi. With other options being available and not as "top shelf".

I have a dream... that if we get enough people together... we could get these TC Kline "top shelf" coilovers for a few hundred dollars less than if we all just kind of do our own thing and get them whenever we get around to it...

I am all about getting as much value for my dollar as possible. Group buying is a very easy way to take something higher quality and higher cost, and drive the cost down some. Its a very simple concept, just requires organization from the buyer end of the exchange. I might just be the only person who gets excited about getting TC Klines for say 1550 instead of 1795... or even lower, who knows.