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@ 395rw give or take you might not be competitive with the cars running meth there in the 430-440rw range. Maybe Cobb can get you a race gas/meth map so it's a fair comparison? I've sold a few non-integrated WW meth kits to Cobb owners and while you don't get the full benefit you would with a piggyback it's much better than pump gas alone. It comes with a basic boost switch which you set at around 10psi. Also on the JB4 + meth if the need strikes I'm sure BMS can help you figure out whatever isn't working right with it. There are hundreds of those setups out now running strong.

Maybe, maybe not. But if everyone just ran piggy + meth, it wouldn't be much of a competition imo For me, it's about having a chance to legally do a high speed run. If Jeef doesn't run meth, we should be pretty similar depending on skill.

As far as going back to meth, it's unlikely at this point. I don't doubt it's a great mod for 99% of the people, but I just seemed to have a bout of bad luck. It just wasn't practical for me to do the things necessary to debug it, plus having an Injen intake required a custom install, and it just kept bugging me how it turned out. But now I'm going off topic, I look forward to seeing how the pump vs. meth race progresses. I mean the JB4 numbers are awesome - nearly 500 rwtq. My original goal was to hit 400, just a magic number I wanted to be able to hit, but now it seems like 500-600 is becoming easier and easier every day with everyone's hard work.
The i8 needs a V8 amirite?

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