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OEM-looking performance brake/caliper upgrades & alernatives

I've done a fair amount of homework here, and it seems so far the options are:

1. e90/e92 performance brakes (downgrade - 338mm vs. stock 348mm for 335i)
2. e80 (135i) performance brakes (downgrade - also 338mm)
3. wait to see if F30 brakes can be retrofitted.

Have considered aftermarket (stoptech/brembo), but don't like the idea of having to buy their rotors indefinitely. Plus I HATE the idea of paying up the wazoo to advertise their product on my calipers. I'd be happier if they said nothing. It just gives a cheap look to the car, so I've pretty much crossed off this option

Curious if anything has found any better alternatives that I'm missing here?