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i really hate 17 year old drivers that suck at driving

im sorry to be b*tching here, but i got into my first accident today and it really pissed me off

for all those that live around alexandria, VA area, i was at a red light on north beauregard st. during rush hour in the evening time when this kid that was speeding rear ends me obviously distracted by something else. when i ask how old he was he was only 17, inexperienced drivers really bother me esp. when they're speeding and whatnot.

1) damnit, i only had my e90 for 3 months
2) worst part was that i saw his car coming in really fast and i had no where to turn. i knew my car was about to be hit, what a frustrating feeling when you can do NOTHING about it.

but one nice thing i noticed, my bumper appears to be only cosmetically damaged, or at most i just have to replace my bumper (i hope there is no structural damage) while his whole front end of a 95 civic coupe was destroyed. im impressed by how well bmw puts their car together