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Originally Posted by XPO186 View Post
Justin, is the new flywheel being developed along with your twin-plate setup lightened as well?

Also, would you say that a twin/multi disc setup more appropriate for the drag strip? Would you recommend it for road course guys and canyoning?
Hey Phil,

yep the flywheel in our multi-plate clutch setup will be lightened.

At this stage I do not know what it's exact weight will be.

However I can tell you it will certainly weigh less than 12.5 kg and it will be made of chromoly steel, NOT aluminium.

Like our previous flywheels it will also be nitrided and given that it is a complete clutch/flywheel solution, the starter ring gear will be machined into the flywheel.

A well engineered twin-plate clutch, is without a doubt appropriate for all forms of motor racing.

In particular drag racing, where there is a possibilty of a single face cast pressure plate literally exploding with a high horsepower, high rpm full throttle launch.

Admittedly it is a very rare occurrence, however I am sure the drag racer who is missing a foot would not take too much comfort in knowing that.

Feel free to Google the matter, I think you will be shocked by the info you will come across.

This is never going to happen with an OS Giken multi-plate as the pressure plate (pivot ring) and centre (intermediate) plates, are all heat treated billet steel.

Also if one was to ignore the inherent danger of drag racing with a single face clutch that was primarily intended for street use, you will never have the torque clamping capability of an OS multi-plate in a N54, unless you run a 6 or 4 puck single plate clutch with a super heavy diaphragm in the pressure plate.

With above setup, engagement will be quite hash and pedal pressure will be super substantial.



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