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Originally Posted by Squawks
I hate people who don't check their blindspots by turning their heads.

I also hate people who turn left on a green light but don't yield to oncoming traffic. I'm surprised most kids today don't even know they don't have a left-turn right-of-way if it's just a green light and not a green arrow. This intersection alone gets about 1 accident a month. What a bunch of 'tards and 'noobs.
I actually made that left turn yield mistake once, no accident though. I was like "why is that car coming my way?" What's funny is that before I always yielded at my home intersection with the medium, but I guess I just lacked experience.

As I drive more, I realize more and more how crappy of a driver I was when I first got my license; I remember thinking I was the best driver in the world before the yield incident.