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Originally Posted by Pete84 View Post
Yep, Krakow by far is the best Polish city. Warsaw is nice as well, but the overall city feeling, the old town is far better in Krakow. I was actually born less than 80 miles away from Krakow. Spent plenty of time there in my childhood days, before moving to the States. I pretty much call it my hometown. As far as the roads go, I totally agree with Gary. There are some nice new highways/ toll roads, but the majority of Polish roads are still quite bad.

Dave, when you got busted. Did the cops have a TV crew with them? I got busted in my rented Camry going from Krakow to Katowice doing about 110mph by an undercover Passat, and they had a TV crew with them filming a show called "Uwaga Pirat" a Polish version of super speeders. It was a fun experience....
Lol ive seen the show on TVN. No unfortunately there were no cameras to film me but my violation was petty anyway. The undercover Skoda did however have a rear cam and dash cam. When i didnt finish my overtake fast enough and crossed the solid line they pulled me over and showed me my "mistake". I laughed about it threw 200 zloty at them, took a pic with the car and bounced lol.