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Hello All,
Just more information/update from my end. I did talk to the dealer. I don't think I can park the BMW with lemons in front of a dealership but I can do that in front of my house . One day the dealer was quoting $3300 for a part but the next day the part was quoted at $4500. When I had initially logged into this forum, I was very disappointed with the abysmmal response from the dealership. As much as the BMWs are great as a car their dealerships are at the extreme end of the spectrum.
However, BMW customer relations got back in touch with me. The person (Her name is Liz M, I am leaving out her last name on purpose) was a little disappointed at first with me but then she heard my story out and was sympathetic of the situation. It is the first time that someone from BMW was willing to help me out. She has promised to check with their Senior Marketing team again to reconsider their decision of not helping me with my vehicle. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Now it is upto BMW to decide if I can fix the vehicle and continue to use BMW all through my life or just sell the vehicle to somone who can buy it from Craigslist.
But the main point of my post is that BMW customer relations indeed read this forum. Liz confirmed that to me. My intention was not to use this forum as a scare tactic but to reach out to millions of fellow BMW enthusiasts. I am glad such a strong community exists and it can help out consumers like us. I informed the BMW representative that I will definitely post my experience online - be it good or bad. In this case, my phone call with Liz was fruitful. She will update me next week.
I will update this forum again on how things transpire next week with BMW. I really hope that I can get some help from BMW.
Take care.

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