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Originally Posted by jcoo085
Cab drivers! They're worse! When I was living in Thailand back in '98 I had my 3 week old Lexus ES300 rear-ended by a cabbie. I even saw it happening. I glanced up in the rear-view mirror to see this cab coming up pretty quick. All I had time to do was say 'uh oh' and take my foot off the brake. To top it all off, it took the insurance guys about 2 hours to get there! As you can probably imagine, I was sorely pissed off.
[For the benefit of our Thai members, it happened in the middle of Victory Monument. For the benefit of everyone else, it happened in one of the middle lanes of a 6 lane round-about with about 5 or so feeder roads].

Then in Korea, I was clipped by a cab who wanted to be in my lane, but didn't look. Then he tried to blame me! :mad:

Touch wood, nothing has happened to my E90 yet.
Korea's the worst! Korean motorists are like Italians, it's whoever cuts the other person off quicker wins. And in an accident, it doesn't matter who's at fault; it's whoever can beat up the other guy.