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I received the Ferrari 360 Stradale as intended from what they stated in the rules and rewards.

"All participants in the January King of the Track challenge will win a 2012 Pagani Huayra with a unique livery (purchase of the January Jalopnik Pack required to redeem). If you beat CJ’s posted time, you will win a 2003 Ferrari Challenge Stradale unicorn car."

Again, sorry about last night. While I was in the lead, lag caused me to spin out at the hairpin, luckily I didn't hit the wall too hard. Then, when I was on your tail just before the sweeper, your car magically zoomed into me and we made contact. Fustrating to not have clean races due to lag.
It was a really good race, and don't worry about it. It would've been interesting to see how close it would've been at the end. The first 45 minutes of the race were intense, and I still thoroughly enjoyed it.