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Originally Posted by dstrick View Post
Did u get the Dinan badging? In other words, 10 points in mods and what did that do for your gas mileage?
No I didnt, "technically speaking", transfer my Dinan badge
I like the 355is badge instead

The gas milage is actually better than stock tune gas milage
based on 100 miles daily driving. However it can drop to 21 mpg if I drive the car over 3k rpms continuously.

Originally Posted by Dinan Cars

Gas Mileage

This is the beauty of a turbo engine. When the engine is not in boost (below about 3K rpm) it is sipping gas like a small non-turbo engine would. It is only in boost that extra fuel is burned and with the Dinan software more is burned at the higher boost levels. It all depends on your right foot, if you drive it gently it will use the same or slightly more gas and if you drive it at wide open it will use more.

I get to 60-80 mph in a snap without having to shift pass 3k RPMs

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