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Originally Posted by Gator328i View Post
I know the truth hurts, but the 328i is an inferior, poor-performing, wannabe 335i. The first step is accepting this and taking the steps necessary to get a proper 3-series. Or, you can just continue to fool yourself into thinking that your slow 328i is a cool car.
hey shithead the 328 has the same motor as an e90 325 which came before the 335 existed. How can something be a wannabe if it came first. Also if you new anything you would know that a "proper 3 series" always had a NA I6 or I4. The 335 was the first 3 series to introduce forced induction. That was in 2007 so there has been 37 years of 3 series just like the 325/328/330. These were the cars that built the amazing 3 series reputation.