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Originally Posted by zerep1 View Post
its about 200 pounds faster its a smaller car with more power easier to throw around it not a e30 but with some weight reduction and if your main goal is performance its a better starting point
That is correct, stock there is probably less than a 200lb difference. And remember, the 135i starts with a little narrower tires to begin with.

Originally Posted by zerep1 View Post
thats some serious weight reduction hotrod wheels hood trunk and front seats are easy but with that its only like 200 the e90 is 400 pounds heavier i believe and your right the 135 losses stability but at those speeds a nice little wing and front splitters should plant it
Not a 400lbs difference

Originally Posted by cam_lg View Post
If it's really 400 pounds lighter then there must be a really knowticeable difference in acceleration and handling and I think that would be worth the whole retarded basement kept step brother look haha.
Again, probably less than a 200lb difference.

I mean, don't get me wrong, if the 135i was that much faster, I would definitely be interested in one, and put up with the instability. But I have tested both, and surprisingly my E90 was faster than a more extensively modded 135i.

The difference of having a passenger in a 135i would make it weigh was much as a E90/E92.
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