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What happend to the 21st century...???

Watching the Donny Deutsch show, he's interviewing all the fired apprentices(from season 3) as well as Bill form season one, and Carolyn and George(gotta love em'!) in anticipation of the 3rd apprentice being announced tom. night. As they narrowed down to the end of the program they started talking about who's the fav. to win(Randall), and the first thing Donny mentions is the fact that he would be the first "Black" apprentice to win, unconciously in my mind I acknowledged this fact, then one of the fired contestants, Ronda(whom also happens to be black), raises her hand and says, "Randall has 5 degrees and a PhD, he's obviously more than qualified for the position(those aforementioned traits being the most important and only relevant to the competition), but yet we forget all of those things and can't make it past the fact that he's 'black'". I was really taken aback, as I didn't even catch on to that, but it's sad that a man can't get the proper recognition he deserves for his achievements, but instead the color of his skin. To say the least, Donnie acknowledged his mistake and the show went on, w/ out so careless a glitch. I've never understood the positives in pigeon-holing... but that's just me?