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Don't feel like going to sleep yet and happened across this thread, so just some points of clarification for those new to heel/toe:

Rev matching with double clutching
Disengage clutch
Shift into neutral
Re-engage clutch
Blip throttle
Disengage clutch
Shift into lower gear
Re-engage clutch

Rev matching without double clutching
Disengage clutch (and keep it like that)
Blip throttle
Shift into lower gear
Re-engage clutch

For those driving '80s manual transmissions, double clutching is a must. For modern transmissions, optional.

If you're just starting out, 4th gear into 3rd gear ~30-35 mph is good practice. When the shift just slips into gear, then you know you did a good blip. However, you can still mess it up with re-engaging the clutch poorly.

Practice making quick smooth shifts and it will make rev matching easier to learn; if you're riding the clutch, you're kind of defeating the point of heel/toe, which is to get on the power faster coming out of a turn without upsetting the drive train or causing unnecessary wear.
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