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I'm sure this is a serious subject.... but I can't believe there hasn't been more jokes made about this specific phenomenon on the Apprentice.

To preface, I watched the first season of the Apprentice, and I thought it was great. Really enjoyed it. I haven't watched it since b/c I knew after the first season, you get whack jobs as contestants just looking for their 15 minutes. I always thought the first season had more genuine people. Everyone else after is jaded from the show. Anyways, so I have no clue what you are talking about for this current season. However, for the first two seasons in the final competition, the lone black male of the contestants had made it to the Finals, and both times had lost. The first time it was Kwame, and I don't know the name of the 2nd Season guy.

But the craziest thing about the second season Black guy who lost (I did catch a little bit of the final episode, so this is how I know), the reason Trump didn't like him is because he said he was "too qualified". Trump said he had too many degrees, too much schooling (the guy went to Wharton if I recall correctly), etc.. and I guess Trump was trying to say the guy really didn't know what he wanted b/c of all this, and for this perceived "lack of focus", the other female contestant won.

Now, I'm not Chris Rock, but even I saw the blatant unintentional comedy in the "too qualified, over schooled" reasoning Trump gave. Seriously?!? Could that have been the first black man in America do be denied for being over qualified and having too good of an academic background? Moreover, Kwame was the man in the first Season. He was HBS and Goldman (though he was only from the Asset Management part), and he lost! And Trump didn't even have a good answer. He just went with his "gut". Are you kidding me? I can't believe more hasn't been made about this. And now you're telling me it might happen 3 times in a row. Maybe Trump is secretly racist.... but that just doesn't seem to be in his character. But what do I know.

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