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Originally Posted by Canadian 335xi View Post
...have a read of the warranty is all I can say. It would appear you have not read the ACTUAL WARRANTY DOCUMENTATION that is provided as part of the Dinan upgrade. You are not covered for things like blown turbos, etc. It's right in the Dinan warranty section in plain text. I have seen MANY people with this misunderstanding. (Originally after reading some people I was going to go that way, but the text in their warranty clearly states otherwise.)
Originally Posted by Padfan9 View Post
So the warranty won't cover blown turbo's due to their tuning??? Then what is the point of the warranty??? I have spoken to them about this and people at BMW many times...
Originally Posted by Canadian 335xi View Post
Exactly why I won't go with a Dinan tune ... it's false hope.

I don't trust people's opinion / word / idea over written terms and conditions...

So I guess Dinan isn't such a great value ... IMO.
Originally Posted by Dinan Warranty Excerpt
To obtain service under this warranty, the vehicle or Dinan product must be brought, upon discovery of a malfunction or defect in materials and/or workmanship, to any Authorized Dinan Dealer during normal business hours. In the event of a warranty claim, Dinan will repair or replace, at its sole discretion, any defective Dinan component upon receipt of the item and proof of the original purchase in the form of a lawful invoice. This warranty does not include reimbursement for repairs to any original vehicle manufacturer's component(s) that may have been affected by a Dinan component.
This is what happens when you don't read carefully and quote things out of context. The paragraph quoted directly above this one is taken from the section of the warranty that addresses vehicles that no longer are covered under factory warranty - see the areas circled in pink in the attached screen grab. If your vehicle is still under factory warranty, Dinan will pay for repairs/replacement of non-Dinan parts (OEM equipment) determined to have been damaged as a result of defect or failure of their components/tunes - see the areas circled in yellow below. There is no coverage for "collateral damage" if the factory warranty has expired. If you still have factory warranty coverage, Dinan supplements as necessary with their own warranty. Period. End of story.

Dinan Warranty Info
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