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Originally Posted by DrivenByE30 View Post
Both and plus it makes them look all similar/equal ... just like school boys and gurls in uniform ....

uniformity! no one is above/superior (at first look) physically over anyone else...

in some ways, it's nice because no discrimination can be done within such society (but of course i am not ignorant that discrimination still exist no matter what)

but at least at first view, it would seem that everyone is on "equal" ground, (i wish i could be on equal ground as them ) (as far as money goes)
The garments tends to say that what's important is what's inside of each person, not how the person look on the outside...

By extension since they cannot personalize/individualize themselves,
so that's why they prefer to customize their car instead ...

7 series best sellers over there ... as opposed to us poor americans with the 3 series as best sellers ... looks like The Golden Wild West as moved a bit east to because the Black Gold ...
Excellent explanation. Individual superficiality in terms of grandiose, especially within social gatherings, isn't accepted and the equality of each other is stressed. The clothing, known as a "thobe" helps this.