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Originally Posted by RWD Jan View Post
^^I think you need to rebuild your gearbox. I have no need for double clutching my 86 Corolla Heel / toe I love to do no matter where I am going as the pedals are positioned perfectly and the engine is so fast on the revs! Perhaps I should give it a try in the bimmer even if it is a diesel...
Yeah, most likely. I would if I still had either of them. Are you running a TRD close gear ratio or the stock gearing? My 335i is plenty fast, but still no where near as fun as an 86. The 4AG really is such a rev happy engine. I think I spent more time above 4k rpm than below it! Turbos have better torque than NA, but there is a night and day difference in terms of throttle response. For diesels I just do a "no lift" shift, i.e. just keep you foot slightly on the gas rather than taking it off completely.
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