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Originally Posted by Theivz View Post
i was always told as bmws are RWD you should inflate the rear a tad more than the fronts (as the car rocks back when accelerating) so i kept my staggered 19s at 34 front and 36 rear but then i noticed wear on the inner aspect of the tyre (but that maybe the camber on the rears)
No need for 'pressure rumours' Theivz, the pressure rating plates tell you to use more pressure on the rear anyway. And all cars (RWD/FWD/4WD) rock backwards when accelerating, provided you are going forwards anyway!

BMW probaly spent millions testing tyre pressures, so 5 minutes chat in the pub car park probably won't come up with a better idea

OP - yes, standard pressures are for RFT, but as said start there and see how you get on.

Pressures are primarily related to tyre width and vehicle weight, neither of which changes when you go to Non RFT.
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