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Originally Posted by dobbo99 View Post
fair comments! thanks

liking the motor by the way, dont see many that colour, wheels look good too.
Thanks. If you're referring to the BM then thanks. I've always wanted a red 3 series but didn't like the Imola red much so this was spot on for me and I think the wheels are OK but am a little undecided.

If you're referring to the TVR, I shouldn't think there's another one in that colour to be honest. It's a long story but I specced it at the factory in Red Bull Blue pearl and it looked great when pristine clean but when slightly dirty the blue merged with the black highlights (front headlamps, air intakes, windows and rear lights) and it looked a bit "dead". So, after 12 months, as there were a few small paint defects and because several new features had been developed for the car since its launch, TVR were (then) happy to take back to the factory, check it over, upgrade it with all the latest parts (e.g. new dash, new luggage cover, etc) and look at fixing the paint defects. I cheekily put a note in complimenting the factory guys on building a great product and asking if it would be possible, whilst trying to sort the defects, to respray the car in a different colour. They called after 10 days to apologise for it taking so long and consequently they agreed to change colours but I only had that evening to decide what to go for and as it had a Prussian Blue dash top, Portland Grey elsewhere, Navy carpets piped in Portland, Charcoal Lamonta inserts, I needed to find someting light that matched the interior. At the time silver cars were two-a-penny so I opted for this which was a Vauxhall colour called Space Green. You see it occassionally on old Corsas. It was a full, glass, doors, bonnet out job with primer, 4 colour coats, 5 of clear laquer so not cheap for them (but all free for me!). Wheels are standard TVR 18" alloys, known as "spiders".

Originally Posted by Theivz View Post
assume they're from mark at bmautosport? got my old lm style wheels from him in 19s
Actually, I looked at getting them from there but had a contact in the trade who has always supplied my wheels and he managed to undercut bya few quid.

Originally Posted by Theivz View Post
he reports good things about nankangs - similar to what you say. To answer your q - the door sills should give you an idea but... ...I suspect 32 front and 34 rear maybe better. try both and see how it feels?
Thanks for that.

Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
OP - yes, standard pressures are for RFT, but as said start there and see how you get on. Pressures are primarily related to tyre width and vehicle weight, neither of which changes when you go to Non RFT.
I guess my other issue was the increase in wheel rim and tyre width over standard.

Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
Snakes - it that a special 4.0ltr conversion? I thought the speed six was a 3.6 in the 350c? awesome!
Engine started to display "issues" in 2008 which turned out to be a turned cylinder liner. As it was an early-spec' SP6 engine I felt it best to go for a full rebuild to 4.0ltr Red Rose spec (the factory used to offer that spec as an option) but mine was based on an unused cross-bolted block that was destined for use in the Le Mans cars that never got used. Slow it ain't!

Thanks for all your suggestions, kind comments and help guys.

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