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Originally Posted by Figure807 View Post
Yeah, most likely. I would if I still had either of them. Are you running a TRD close gear ratio or the stock gearing? My 335i is plenty fast, but still no where near as fun as an 86. The 4AG really is such a rev happy engine. I think I spent more time above 4k rpm than below it! Turbos have better torque than NA, but there is a night and day difference in terms of throttle response. For diesels I just do a "no lift" shift, i.e. just keep you foot slightly on the gas rather than taking it off completely.
For now everything is stock but we are working on swapping in an AZ6 (Lexus IS200) gearbox This I hope will help a lot since the ratios aren't anywhere near great stock. This and my stock 20V blacktop will be a lot of fun I hope

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