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Long term parking at Newark Airport - Serviced lot or public long term lot?

I will be flying out to FL next month for a golf trip with some buddies and will be flying out from Newark Airport. I plan on putting my car there for the first time and plan on either the airport's long term parking lot (self parking, most likely limited security, and every idiot self parking has the potential of damaging my car and me not knowing about it until i return 4 days later) or in one of the valet parking lots at the airport. Now we all know to avoid valet parking at all costs, however given that this is Newark...........I am extremely worried about parking my car in the airport's general long term lot for several days, worried about theft of parts or outright vandalism, or some idiot damaging my car and driving off and then i'm screwed. With the serviced/valet lots, i assume higher level of security (at least that's what they advertise) and insurance for any damages to the vehicle, i.e. if there is any damage, i know who i can try and collect from!!! There are a couple of valet lots at Newark Airport that have raving reviews (literally 5 out of 5 stars from 230+ reviews) so they can't be all that bad. I'm just hesitant to hand my keys over, however given the alternative of the general airport lot where people can come and go.............this might be a situation where the valet parking lot is the way to go. What would you guys do?

Anyone have any experiences parking at the newark airport for several days? Which did you use, the general long term lot or a valet serviced lot? Thanks.