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Originally Posted by subieworx View Post
Tire temps indicate that -3.2* is reasonable in the front given what I put the car through.

I am running AST 4100's so only rebound adjustability, but have gone through a few different iterations of the valving with my local shop all of which have made positive changes.

Depending on what kind of driving I am doing in what time frame the alignment changes regularly. I typically run .1* total toe in front as less than that tends to eat tires quickly. I run .14* total toe in rear which any less makes the car really twitchy at high speed.

There is no way of measuring dynamic camber without some serious equipment as you know so that is out of the question. The car is not very low however and by the evaluation of the suspension at my current ride height I am not in the danger area of poor geometry for a macpherson strut equipped car.

I think my main issue is really the need of an aftermarket LSD, but given mine is welded the expense is quite great as you guys know. Not running any deals currently are you?
No, no current specials. We can hardly keep these things on the shelf and the machine shops(Yes, we got two machine shops working) is working overtime on the machine work on the ring gears.