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Originally Posted by BES335xi View Post
Yeah latest is -09, since i just ordered them last week, and thats what they sent me, i just want to replace my old style ones, Car feels like it's misfiring but no codes are thrown...(hesitates at low rpm's)stubling, rough idle abit, i tried giving it wot and all the silly stuff, yet still no codes...plugs were just changed a month ago. So going to change those 3 next week, see what happends..
If you can add a couple of picks of this coupler that needs to be installed for everyone to see...I have yet to change mine out and I want to know what I am looking for!

The link of the cable I bought has been tested and works as advertised....I know there are other cables out that are a drop cheaper and some more expensive...You dont really know what your getting, so if anything the link I gave, the cable works..

On a side note I FiNALLY installed a working copy of Windows XPmode to my laptop that I bought running OS Windows 7 64bit Home premium edition. The 64bit is not compatible with NCSexpert:thumbdow, so thats why I had to use the XPmode. Microsoft doesnt allow the user to download XPmode to your laptop if you have the cheaper software Home Premium loaded, but there are ways to get around this!: I managed to activate the XPmode OS software with a working product key, and now my new laptop is fully functional for both INPA and NCSexpert and the other 32 bit programs within INPA and Ediabas. The Window XPmode runs entirely on virtual 32bit that operates independently to the OS software that it came with!!
Getting XPmode to work took me forever to get it working, along with INPA It was not easy though to get it to work and there were many changes that needed to be done to make it work...If you have a 64 bit that you want to make NCS work, I can refer you to the links of what needs to be done to make it happen

First Link :,10213.html

After you manage to load up the XPmode and have it functioning with the link above, you need to change the OEMbios files to activate the XPmode because you need to permanently have the XPmode activated as the software you loaded only has a 30 day trial before you need to activate it or it will be locked out and all your settings and files, programs will be lost. You dont have to do this if you dont want and just keep loading up the XPmode each month again and again after the 30 day trial ends, but thats a PITA and you will not have files and programs saved as the Virtual machines programs are not accessible to the regular OS of the the computer. Each time you reload the XPmode and install it, all memory is erased. To activate the XPmode OS, refer to this PDF file...When you hit the link and after you either run or save the file it will ask for a password, just hit cancel and it will load the file up!

Link 2:

Although there is a function on windows 7 that allows you to run in XPmode for compatibility but this still doesnt allow NCS to work, and its not the same as virtual XPmode, so dont get that confused..I can now chuck away my old 1998 IBM thinkpad 600E, that shit is so heavy and SLOW! Vasillov....I am waiting for your new files that are translated into ENGLISH!

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