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Originally Posted by ERdiesel View Post
Ahhhhh, the Newark stories, someone could write a book on it.

I remember reading on one of the bimmer forums about someone trying to get back home to NYC and wound up at a red light in a shady part of Newark at 2 am or some late hour, and afraid of being stopped in this area of Newark at such a late hour, he decided to run the red light. Well a cop saw him and pulls him over and asks why he ran the light and he tells the cop that he was in fear of his life being stopped in this part of Newark. Cop asks where he's going, and he tells the cop NYC and the cop instead of writing him a ticket tells him to follow him and leads the guy out of Newark. Pretty funny stuff.

i once had a cop pull over my truck, which was tinted to shit and, loud, and on 22s. came up to my window with his hand on his unclipped gun. when he walked up, and saw me his response was "oooo you are white?"

needless to say i was lost in the wrong time of truck and he let me follow him out onto the parkway lol