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Originally Posted by jpsimon View Post
why not just run parallels or vmware and install XP? that seems like an assload of work just to run XP. i've been running XP with the click of a button since the procede first came out with no issues (on my mbp obviously), so much easier than doing all of this.
I run Procede on windows 7 64bit with no issues right now! The reason why I went through all the trouble is I need to run a 32bit OS to make NCSexpert for coding to work...It is NOT functional on a 64bit. The way to get this on my laptop working, is going with Windows virtual XPmode...Cock suckers at Microsoft locked out this upgrade/download to users who had lower versions of Windows 7 like Windows 7 Home Premium! I just bought a netbook to find this crap out that I wasnt able to download it unless I had Windows 7 Professional! The only way to get a working copy of XPmode is what I posted OR make Bill Gates more money and upgrade my software to Windows Professional, which is what Microsoft intended in the first place..
I wanted it all in one convient laptop...INPA, NCSexpert and all the other coding programs, along with Procede Reader...I already have it on my IBM THinkpad, but that shit is mad old and heavy and an embarrassment to bring out!