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Originally Posted by vasillalov View Post
I would love to run this in a virtualized environment, but the USB drivers for my cable crash the system. I did not put enough effort into getting it stable as I have a dual boot laptop... But I am sure it is doable. I just did not put in enough time in trying to figure out why it crashed.
I could imagine Vasillov how much time and effort you have done with this and again I applaud you bro. I also have put alot of time trying to get it to work on my new Acer 64bit netbook...From getting INPA to work, Cable to read, Window virtual XP operating, and to NCSexpert and all the other programs to be 100% functional. Alot of burnt brain cells I tell you!

I testing INPA today on Virtual XPmode and everything worked flawlessly...I even loaded NCSexpert and got as far as loading the profile and chicken out! Need to do more reading on this before I tread forward...

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