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This is part two of the review, and perhaps shows that I do not have "The Ultimate" ability to ultimately title my threads!

But without further ado, my review of the Noyka Cosmic White Stage 2 [80-Watt] H3 bulbs.

I used these bulbs in place of the factory 55-watt H3 bulbs. And I know somebody is going to read this and be like OMGBBQWHATWEREYOUTHINKING?!?!? The corner bulbs only stay on for 30 seconds at the longest, and most of the time, they are only on for a few seconds at a time. I didn't want to sacrifice light output, but I wanted to get a nice White color, so these seemed like a great product to try. After testing, I have determined that this do not pose a threat to my car's wiring, or headlights. They don't put that much additional strain on the car, the connectors are handling the heat fine, the wiring is handling the heat fine, and frankly, they don't generate that much more heat after only 30 seconds. Factory wiring is designed to handle stuff like this. Mind you, I wouldn't use these bulbs if they were going to be on for long periods of time (i.e.

Packaging/Initial Reactions: 10/10 and Very Positive
If you have ever ordered Noyka bulbs before, you'll know that they come in a very nice, hard plastic package. Easy to open, and well designed, kudos to the Noyka team! Now the bulbs...these are not like most other "color matched" bulbs. These are not just colored glass bulbs, but rather, they have a metallic tint to them. This reminds me a lot of the high-end PIAA bulbs, both in appearance and function.

Light Color: 10/10
I was shocked at how well thse match the Factory Xenons. Literally, the color match is perfect. And these illuminate an area slightly larger than the 55-watt bulbs, but with the benefit of the beautiful color.

Overall: 10/10
I will monitor these bulbs for the next month and check thoroughly for any signs of stress on the electrical system, but I honestly am 99.95% certain that I won't find anything worth noting.

Some shots...

IMG_4488.jpg by RobStone, on Flickr

IMG_4480.jpg by RobStone, on Flickr

IMG_4479.jpg by RobStone, on Flickr

IMG_4478.jpg by RobStone, on Flickr

Sorry, I need to redo the new cornering light shot--I screwed up installation on the bulb, so the light output was distorted, and I accidentally jostled the tripod on that shot.

UPDATE: Here's the headlights head-on. You can see how well everything matches!

IMG_4673.jpg by RobStone, on Flickr

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