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Interesting gas station conversation today...

Me: Nice car!
Guy: Thanks, just got it, my new Z4
Me: Z4??? Its a Z3. What year is it?
Guy: 2007
Me: A 2007 Z4 in a Z3 body?
Guy: Huh?
Me: What engine is it?
Guy: Its a V8!
Me: Really??? Let me see...
Guy: Sure, I'll open the hood
Me: I only see 6 cylinders
Guy: Huh? The rest must be hidden in the back
Me: Right...I forgot about those
Guy: And it has a supercharger!!
Me: That??? It looks like a CAI
Guy: Huh?
Me: Where did you get it?
Guy: I work at CarMax, got a great employee deal! If you ever need a car, come see me and I'll hook you up!
Me: Wow, you must make a lot of sales with your incredible car knowledge...
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