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My e92

Hey guys!

Thought I'd post up a wee thread on my car, now that I've got a fair bit through my tinkering!

It started out as a regular pre-lci 335i SE, with 40k on the clock

I'd been accumulating parts for a while, both cosmetic and performance, the first stage of work was my m-sport interior.

And these made the everyday interaction with the so much better. Especially the steering wheel!

After this, I picked up a set of CSL alloys in e46 M3 fitment and decided that the satin window trim needed covering in gloss black, as it looked wrecked and more executive' than I was after.

Next up came a bit of an experiment to tidy up the battered aluminium panels, by wrapping them in 3M 1080 gloss black vinyl - a lot of trial and error on this one! Undecided on whether it's too plain or not.

While all this was going on I'd been buying up performance bits as they popped up - rhd modified CPE downpipes, BMS dci's, ETS fmic, and finally a Cobb accessport. Got the dci's in and installed the accessport, the downpipes and intercooler are for next week!

I'd also been picking up some more exterior pieces, and over the last 2 weeks I've been getting them sorted. An SE aero lip, gloss black performance grill, M3 style skirts and rear spoiler and m-sport rear bumper were bought and fitted. I decided to get the rear diffuser painted in gloss black to fit in with the front grills and window trims, not to mention the gloss black interior.

I had h&r sport springs, but sold them as the CSL alloys would have rubbed badly. With the rear tyre profile there wasn't much gap anyway, so just the front needed something. I got modified spring perches, they dropped the front by about 1cm, balancing the car up nicely! It was fortunate that my BMS 10mm spacers arrived then too, and with them in the front, balanced front and rear up nicely! .

Lovely BMS catch can arrived too, but will get that done when the car's in for the downpipes and fmic. Last exterior mod to be done after these pics is to fit my cyba tips, lovely 3.8" slash cut, double layer ones in chrome!!

Really enjoying this car at the minute - love the looks, the performance, the feel of driving it, the comfort and toys. Will be keeping this one a fair while I think!