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had a big premium selection issue with a NSW x5 i purchased from Canterbury BMW. less than 50kms after it arrived on TNT it failed roadworthy to transfer the rego to QLD.

My saving grace was the low lms since i purchased it, i'd taken it to a bmw dealer for the roadworthy, as they were fitting a tow bar for me.

anyway, long answer, short question - the guy who made things happen was a john raskas - national bmw warranty manager =

on this matter he was great, gave me all the exact words to use with the service manager and sales manager used vehicles, at cantebury bmw and over $5,000 of repairs were effected at no cost to me.

i can almost bet that your copy of the "premium selection report" was not in the glove box as it was supposed to be.

the dealer has to guarantee the national bmw warranty program that any vehicle sold under premium selection has met or been brought up to premium selection stndards. the warranty is worn by bmw australia, not the dealer. if they catch a dealer playing silly buggers, then they can be fined or even lose thaeir franchising agreement.

they do take it pretty seriously.

mr raskas was useless a couple of yrs latter with x5 taillights wherein there is a "contact" issue in the rear light clusters. bmw north america had a "technical bulletin' issued on the fault and granting warranty cover, but oh no aussie x5's were supposedly different, even though they;re all made in the same factory. but hey that;s another issue to yours.

they owe you a bmw authorised paint shop repair.

good luck