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AlanAZ: Good point.

I just recently bought some Redline D6 ATF as I was planning on changing my Manual Transmission fluid. Using the application guide on Redline's page, it noted that I required D6 ATF for my manual tranny.

However, since you gave me the pointer to email Redline, I thought I would try entering in Automatic transmission instead of Manual first... the result...

Redline Application Guide's Recommendation
For use in automatic transmission
This product also used as Power Steering Fluid in this vehicle"

Seems like I got my answer. For those searching and interested, here is a recap of ***possible power steering fluid for our E90's.

If your PS cap says:
1) CHF-11S, use Pentosin only
2) ATF, seems like we have some choices...
-Redline D4 ATF
-Mobil 1 Full Synthetic ATF
-Castrol Multi Vehicle ATF