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Originally Posted by mikeouk
Looks great mate.
The spring perches,,did you buy them from supreme power in USA or source them in uk?
If you had them shipped from USA how much did they charge you? These are exactly what I'm after ,I'm in Miami at the moment so was thinking of bringing a set back, but how heavy are they?id need to put them in my suitcase
I bought them off someone on here, from the UK so avoided all the importing - I don't think they have a stockist here. They're not massively heavy, but probably do weigh about 4-5kg.

To our other Mike, the other parts that got painted were done very well with regards to a colour match, but due to the angles present on the lip surfaces it reflects light at a different angle to the main bumper and so looks 'extra' - not much can be done about it unfortunately, it's just done to the shape of the aero piece. Same goes for the skirts, but to a much much lower extent.