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Dear Suicidal Republican Party

An open letter to the Republican Party Leadership--

Dear Leadership/candidates/other influencers,

Let's try to stay on task kids. I don't want you to start steering the debate into the social/moral/conservative nanny realm. I want you to stay with the focus of limited government, rational taxes and the economy. I don't want you to divert the conversation into marriage, gays, abortion, religious freedom, contraception, god's place in your life or anything else. It's a loser and there is no persuading anyone. The republican party will lose the independents--they will walk away or stay home in droves come November. And we will lose the presidential election BY A LANDSLIDE. You've got to focus--making Obama a one-term president. Just for the next few months quick dicking around with the private choices of the people and get back on message and address the big picture, the main event. And if you can't get the radical right to cooperate at least have the balls to kick them to the curb and deal with the consequences. Nobody wants you in their personal lives--you aren't qualified for that duty.


(OK, back to our regularly scheduled political programming....)