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Originally Posted by Q4P View Post
I think that's a pretty fair way to put it... IMHO, who gives a shit about social issues in the first place on the political scene, these are the last things we should be worried about right now.
though im not what you would call a republican.

People car about the economy most of all, its dumb for conservative and republican nominees to say anything on social issues. They bitch when Obama does a stupid social program yet its okay to legislate social policy when your a republican? They need to get with the program, their is a massive amount of libertarian leaning people out there that are just hoping for the opportunity to get Obama out of office and right the ship. Did the whole tea party movement mean nothing to these people? I was at the Biggest one outside of Washington, in San Antonio, all the people their were concerned about the state of the economy, not gay marriage, not abortion but the economy.