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Here's your problem now...

you just bought a decent lens. You're about to hate the other 2 kit lenses you have as you're about to find out just how.... simple.... they are.

I would sell the 2 of them and get that 17-55 F2.8. It is a phenominal piece, and would compliment the 85mm well. yes the price is a bit steep, but you get what you pay for in it.

If you're doing landscapes and buildings, the 50mm on the camera body you have will have you standing back a little ways just to get everything in the image.

Might be worth considering a 24 or 30 mm, or going with a better normal zoom such as the 17-55 F2.8

Also, there should be lots of other kit lenses floating around out there on creigs list and the likes that are of better quality then the 2 you currently have. Also, the 75-300 looks best between 75-250mm, when you go past all the colours separate badly. So just something to keep an eye on.