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the only good thing about the "normal range" kit lens is that it has a macro function.

otherwise, you're better off with the 55-250 then the 75-300, it's just a better lens, so you got lucky there

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a prime between 24-35mm range like rodi is suggesting, it will encourage you to learn other parts of what the camera has to offer instead of you just standing in one place and zooming to solve your problems, a prime will encourage you to think.

The 85 is excellent and will give you great portrait type shots and some limited zoom. but add one more mid priced prime more in the wide end of things and you will be set.

you don't need an L series lens to get great shots, but you will struggle to get the best performnce possible with the 17-55 (or whatever the stock kit lens is)

Good luck and start posting up some pictures