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beer ad - me and you are in the same boat.. my i-drive crashed because the place i got my sub and amp installed forgot to plug back in the cooling fan thus the CCC overheated and crashed..

I got absolutely nothing.. No nav, radio, zip and it sucks.. I came across a thread by Bimmer Tech that the newer CIC system will fit too. It's about 1900 and then another $500-$900 to get it activated. That's not to mention install, but I heard it's basically plug an play and will take about 30 minutes so I can't imagine it would be that costly..

If my CCC system never crashed, I wouldn't try to retro fit the CIC system cause I wouldn't want to dump that much $$ on something I dont need. However, if its gonna already cost me $2000 bucks to replace an old system, I'd save an additonal few hundred bucks for the newer CIC system with added and up to date goodies... You might be able to even DIY... Just a thought..

Check out the site and thread...