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Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
Interesting. I knew Saab was in financial trouble, but I wasn't aware that Spyker was looking to unload them.
The Saab deal has pretty much taken Spyker underwater.

Am excited for a BMW-owned Saab; they're a great company they just need management that is not mentally handicapped (cough, GM, cough, Trollblazer, cough). If BMW doesn't bother to keep the Saab name alive, well, it's another established factory at bargain basement prices.

Originally Posted by DDS2015 View Post
Well, I doubt that all of these companies would be bidding on SAAB if it wasn't worth saving. They need a huge multi-national company to take them over to make things profitable again. SAAB has some really nice designs and great heritage (similar to BMWs in that they started in the aviation industry, could be wrong on that one though). It is definitely a company worth saving. I just hope that if BMW does indeed take them over that they aren't going to spread themselves too thin.
SAAB Group is a worldwide conglomerate that supplies fighter jets, aircraft and numerous other defense and security solutions.

SAAB is a great company, and I really would like to see BMW or another well-established, worldwide advanced automobile company pick up it's remains instead of a Chinese carmaker who can't even pass Euro ncap crash testing.
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