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M3 back end

Well all complete and running, ABS system is all OK so no mods there the car goes very well with the lower rear end, this is a top mod and worth the $ if you want a super strong rear end and something that you will never break.
There is still one more job to do as the rear end came from a water damaged car so i have to replace the wheel bearings. Shame as the car had only done 7,200km all other parts are 100%
Total cost - complete M3 rear end with drive shaft brakes etc $3500.00
Drive shaft mods 335-M3 $180.00
labour around $1000.00
brake fluid 1ltr 600 MOTUL $80.00
Alignment $120.00
Total cost $4880.00

extra cost rear wheel bearings $180.00 labour $300.00

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