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Not that it helps the OP any but I've been going to BMW of Alexandria for several years now and have good things to say. Whenever they needed to keep my car longer than promised, I was offered a BMW as a loaner without charge.

There was one incident, the lumbar support in the driver seat would not deflate. I took it to them and they claimed to fix it but it still would not deflate all the way. I took it back and the SA claimed that "just how the seat works" and would not believe me that it was not totally deflated. I went home, took the seat back off and deflated it manually myself in about 5 minutes. On my next trip to the dealer, I was told that the SA was no longer with BMW of Alexandria. I don't hold this bad experience against BMW of A, everyone gets a bad egg once in a while. Every other SA I have interacted with there has been great.

Passport is not far from Alexandria, sounds like it's worth the extra few miles for people displeased with Passport.